Why Don't You Cry Anymore (Like You Used To​)​?

from by The Luxury



Something too big and too good to fail
Run aground by the wind that prevailed
Broken, hollow, my own
Guided by the great, gaping hole in our sails

Something hardened by trial and time
Sectioned off in the back off your mind
Sealed up and happy alone
Antiseptic and watertight

Why don’t you cry anymore like you used to?
Why don’t you cry anymore like you used to?
Is it something I said? Is it all in my head?

Have we made our final vow?
Are you serving up a severance now?
Finally the truth comes out

Here at the end we can go comatose
Everyone’s an expert and nobody knows
If silence is gold then you’re so far ahead
I came alive now


from Bones & Beaten Heart, released February 16, 2015
J. Dunn, The Luxury



all rights reserved