In Lieu of Goodbye

from by The Luxury



So when you’re lonely, will you come round?
I’m gathering dead moths and memories in our house Somebody has to tidy this place
Imagine our precious little things just taking up space

Lady, I’m lost in the cracks and the corners we danced around We were living a dream, we were turning it up too loud

And I’m so sorry that I’m not sorry enough

So, should I leave them, the table and chairs?
Still facing off in the shadows like old legionnaires Because they don’t want to tell me this war has been won Leaving me planning my victory and polishing guns

Lady, I lose my command and my words are just sand in your shoes Did you accept my surrender? I’ve only just learned how to lose

So I’m kicking the rugs out, you could eat off the floor This place is a box of history the book will ignore
In light of the Camry rolling on by
I’m leaving the keys in the letterbox in lieu of goodbye


from Bones & Beaten Heart, released February 16, 2015
J. Dunn, The Luxury



all rights reserved